My passion is sharing the Joy of the Divine by Loving the Self in its uniqueness. It is my intention to provide a safe space for healing to create Harmony, Bliss, Peaceful Fullfilment and Inner Wholeness. I welcome opportunities to provide spiritual union by advancing the personal ascension processes for clients. Incorporating a diverse set of tools, my work reflects the guidance of Divine Beings of the Purest White Light. Their intelligence instructs the work. Their Love makes possible the blessings bestowed.

Questing defines my journey and the journey I promise to clients. Destinations along the way include remembrance of Self through the exploration of the Soul’s expression.  As we build bridges of Divine Connection together we remove blocks which opens the Soul to its divine blueprint bringing balance to the mind, body, and Spirit. Using sound tools I administer the melodies of creative vibrations to the energetic bodies, providing healing which processes interruptions in the perfection of purpose.

As a channel for the Divine, I serve as a witness as they bring forth their magic powers manifesting the healing.  I do not walk alone. Together, our expressions are magnified through our Faith and intention to expand. Heavenly is the host who accompanies me on this journey.  I am grateful to be received by you. Namaste!

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Services: Copper Pyramid Attunement, Crystal Therapy, Restorative Sound Therapy

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