The Mind Plays Tricks, the Brain Doesn’t.

Learn how your body really works on a neurological and cellular level and how it heals.

Rich Hirsch has studied around the world and has helped people for over 35 years.  Learn how your body really works on a neurological and cellular level and how it heals.  Our brain’s most important function is 24/7 monitoring of every function in our bodies and then directing responses where and when they are needed. When the monitoring system fails, we lose the ability to respond to what ails us (symptoms). When we restore your brain’s ability to monitor and react to the physiological stressors causing your condition then your brain is able to once again direct your body’s response (recovery).  In addition, Rich practices Wudang Chi and many other energetic techniques from around the world.

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What clients have said…



I started with Rich to help with my Hashimoto- autoimmune disease that affects the thyroid, after the first couple of treatments I was hooked. I felt like the brain fog and low energy was lifted. Stopped taking the synthroid that killed my stomach. Feel the best I’ve felt in a very longtime!

Which leads me into my 10 year old son. We started bringing him to see Rich for his bed wetting, after a few treatments I am no longer washing sheets everyday!





As a body worker for the last 22 years, I feel competent to leave this review.

A year ago I was overweight, tired, had nodules on my thyroid and an emotional wreck as I began divorce proceeding. I stumbled upon Rich through synchronicity. After extremely regular treatment, I have lost 26 pounds, my thyroid has allowed my metabolism to return and my emotional state is better than ever. I have never met anyone with this skill set who is this generous. He fully commits to his patients and digs in as far as he needs to. The treatment is always spot on. I have referred most of my family to him and their health is improving in almost miraculous ways. Thanks Rich!




I have been working with Rich for a few months now.  I was pregnant with a baby that has spina bifida and some other issues.  I was given the worst odds for him.  He wouldn’t have a life and I should terminate.  I saw Rich at least once a week to help with baby Ezio and myself.  I had Ezio just 8 days ago.  When he arrived his eyes were wide open before anyone touched his eyes.  He does have spina bifida but everything has been best case with him.  He has surprised all doctors.  He has one more big test Monday but I know with Rich’s work he will be just fine.  And as far as for myself, mentally and emotionally I was healed with his work.  It is life changing.




Our entire family has had the pleasure of being treated by Rich Hirsch.

In my first experience with Rich, he was able to accurately diagnose what was going on with me, and walk my wife through what to do in the exact order to treat my needs. Speaking directly about what was going on, I felt as if there was a bubble of gas that was trapped. I told Rich what my symptoms were, and with very limited information was able to pinpoint the cause of my issues. After receiving that information, my wife was able to follow his precise directions to alleviate my symptoms completely. To say I was beyond floored would be an understatement.

Rich has also worked extensively with my daughter. His work with her has enabled her to enhance her skills as a softball player tremendously. Before seeing Rich, there would be a split second when my daughter would blink and lose sight of the ball and not track the ball as accurately as she should. After one remote session and two in-person sessions, she began seeing and tracking the ball a lot better (indicated by the jump in her batting average and slugging percentage).

Bruce Johnson, II