Insight Astrology

Joe Gauthier is a professional astrologer with over 10 years of experience. He uses the Tropical zodiac and the Placidus house system in his methodology. Joe’s main astrological focus is interpreting birth charts as well as relationship charts and he specializes in predictive astrological techniques. For predictive work he looks at the upcoming planetary “Transits” as well as “Progressions” to see what is on the horizon for his clients and the major life trends they are going through. For relationships charts he looks at all of the planetary angles between two people, as well as making a combined chart for the relationship to see the dynamics that are playing out. This helps show how to overcome any challenges with the person or how to take advantage of areas of compatibility to get more out of the relationship.

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Full birth chart and prediction reading: $100 – 90 minutes

Essentials of the birth chart and major upcoming trends: $75 – 60 minutes

Lightning Round Reading: $50 – 30 minutes

Add a relationship reading to any of the above readings: $50 + 30 minutes extra (Must have birth information of the other person)

Full couples reading: $200 – 2.5 hours (Includes individual chart readings for each person)