Create Beautiful

The Create Beautiful meditation series is dedicated to the conscious awakening of every individual to the experience of their authentic self and unique expression of LOVE! These meditations are a continuation of the Spiritual Awakening Meditations offered at PrismsScape Gems & Healing Center.

We will be offering three meditations, one per month through December 2020 as our gift to each of you. We believe that these introductory meditations will provide a beautiful experience that brings you closer to your individualized Divine Spark and are important steps in your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

All audio meditation offerings, are a combination of guided imagery infused with healing vibrations of love that are intended to deepen, uplift and awaken you.

***Following our introductory offer will be posting a new meditation each month, starting in January 2021, for a monthly subscription cost of $10.00. If you like our meditation offerings, please help us spread the word by giving us a thumbs up or by subscribing or clicking on the bell to receive meditation notifications of our future offerings.

Every individual involved in the creation of these meditations wishes you well on your journey of self-discovery. May the Light that you discover you are, shine brightly and create beautiful in the world!


Click here to listen to the first in the series:  I Am Presence