Angie Heinrich: Crystal Renew

Reiki + Advanced Crystal Master®~Intuitive~Oracle Cards


-Certified Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki I & II Practitioner (by Gina Crosheck)

-Advanced Crystal Master® (by Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy)

-Certified Crystal Practitioner® (by Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy)

-Angel Communication I and II (by Rachel Corpus)


by appointment, walk-in and special events

All Services $1.11/min unless flat fee is indicated

MARCH: 4 & 11
APRIL: 1, 15
MAY: 6 & 13



7 Chakra Balancing with Crystals+Reiki+Sound
(In-person or Remote)

  • Receive a Light Column Activation™,
  • 7 main chakras are assessed for energy imbalances,
  • Intuitively selected crystals are placed to entrain with the corresponding chakras,
  • Chakras receive balancing work,
  • Reiki and sounds are infused throughout the session to bring in additional layers of energy healing where it’s needed the most.
  • Homework suggestions are given to encourage self-healing until the next session.


(In-person or Remote)

  • BASE7
  • Plus an additional 45 min specialized crystal body layout with aromatherapy & meditation
    Pick a focused crystal body layout:
    -grounding (can be done anytime, but is ideal to do during New Moon)
    -relaxation crystal fusion
    -abundant resources manifesting
    -transmuting shield
    -business/job manifesting
    -custom layout available with advanced notice



Angel Oracle Deck, Angels & Gemstone Guardians Deck, or bring your own deck(s).
(In-person or Remote)

  • Opening communication/prayer with our Angels & Guides
  • Oracle Card pull: either a 4-card layout or pendulum/angel-guided selection
  • Angie’s intuitive interpretation of cards


QUIET MIND Crystal Messages

Select a crystal of your choice and connect with Angie during a peaceful 10-15 min quiet meditation (layered with sound if you’d like) while Angie opens herself to receiving messages that your crystal has to share with you.  Messages may be words, phrases, or images.



Crystal Grids w/ Sacred Geometry and Intention

Angie’s gridwork creations are ALWAYS done under the protection of Divine Light, for the good of the client, and for the good of All.

Flat fee: $40 small, $60 large

  • Crystals are intuitively selected from Angie’s crystal collection to build a unique crystal grid with focus, intention, and blessing on the individual’s topic of choosing
    (ex: anxiety reduction, love, prosperity, forgiveness, intuition, etc).
  • No two grid creations are identical.
  • Clients will be emailed a detailed description and pictures of the grid along with the personalized message that Angie receives through Angel Communication while creating the grid.
  • Clients are encouraged to print the emailed materials list (which includes the items used and their associated metaphysical properties) in order to recreate the grid in their own space with their own materials for continued energy healing and growth.
  • Angie keeps the crystal grids in place for 1 week, giving daily energy intentions and affirmations during meditation, and closes the 7 days with an additional energy blessing.



In-Person Practice Hours: Saturdays, 11am-4pm at PrismsScape Gems & Healing Center.*

MARCH: 4 & 11
APRIL: 1, 15 & 29
MAY: 6 & 13


Remote Practice Hours: inquire via email

*holiday/winter season may be variable; email at least 48 hours ahead to confirm as Angie drives from a distance.  Remote sessions are available.


Client Reviews


Doing energy work with Angie feels so natural. 

I connected with her energy right away and I had never met her before our first session. I immediately felt comfortable sharing my story and experience with her so we could release my blocked energy together on the table. Angie is so present in our sessions. I feel seen, heard and compassionately cared for. The shift I feel while on the table is noticeable. I can feel sensations and energy moving inside my body. It’s pretty fascinating to witness and process. Images, memories or visions may come up for me too. It’s nice to reflect this back to Angie after our session and to see how our experiences lined up. So revealing! I love the stones and crystals she uses in our session and her suggestions on which stones/crystals can aid my healing beyond our sessions. I don’t understand all the things that happen in our sessions with my mind, but my body understands and does what it needs to do to recalibrate. I definitely feel a physical clearing and release throughout our sessions and beyond. A lot of beautiful things in my life have been showing up since our first two sessions. Life just feels more aligned and abundant. I completely trust Angie with aiding me on my healing journey. It is a gift to work with her. 💗 Julie Staub




Angie’s Crystal Chakra Balancing with Reiki is amazing. She was able to pinpoint just what I needed to work on and sent me off with homework! Her card readings are really fun with food for thought.