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Why do I practice Healing Arts?

Beginning in November of 2013 and lasting two years, I experienced a series of awakenings that felt as though my heart was breaking again and again. It was torture, and at times I questioned whether or not I could endure it. In reality, my heart was breaking open to make room for more Love. It was an Awakening to Divine Love.

With surrender and complete trust in Divine Love, my extra-sensory gifts began to be revealed. These gifts of perception (telepathy, clairsentience and prophetic dreaming) are gifts that we are all endowed with, but have been taught to diminish and deny. We are the Dreamers of the Dream. We are the Creator incarnate. We are not merely a drop from the ocean, because we are the entire ocean…in a drop. When we choose love over fear, without doubt, we can manifest the life we want to lead.

Overwhelming joy! This is the only way to describe the experience of having integrated Healing Arts into my daily life. As a certified practitioner of Holy Fire Reiki, Modern Shamanism, Spiritual Counseling, ThetaHealing® and a reader of Tarot, it is my honor to assist others on their journey of healing and the unearthing of their authentic Self.


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