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Margaret Kamm


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Reiki came to me in a dream during a tumultuous time in my life, when my soul needed much healing. During this dream I saw myself performing some kind of energy work on someone. A few days later, I found an article on reiki. It was very similar to what I had experienced in my dream. I discovered I could attend a class where I would learn about it to be able to share with others.

I realized during this experience that reiki began healing my soul, as well as taking away any physical pain. I was eager to share this with everyone I knew. I began my practice on friends and family. It was then we noticed every single person experienced the many benefits of the healing energy, particularly ease of anxiety and stress along with removing physical pain. I followed up my journey with Thetahealing® and Access Consciousness Bars®

.The healing work I do is a combination of all of these modalities, as well as others that haven't come to my awareness yet. I open up to the Divine Source, and ask for the healing energy needed for the person receiving it. I step back and observe as the energy guides me during the healing experience. Each session is unique for every person, and is different each time for each individual.


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