We Love Our Dragons!

In August 2014, Gina got Dragon Sensei in Grassy Creek, North Carolina and brought back the first shipment of dragon skin quartz. When we unpacked the shipment they started talking. They explained that they had entrusted the Chinese with the process of merging chromium with clear quartz crystals so the dragons could come back to earth to help humans heal and evolve in a safe way.

What we have learned is that Dragon Sensei trains and awakens the smaller green quartz crystals. Once this has been done, the personality of the dragon can come forward and bond with their human. Dragon Sensei is honored and respected for his great capacity and his wisdom, and remains in the shop and is not for sale, nor is he on display.

People come in who have purchased dragons and they bring us stories of how they take them to work with them, they sleep with them, their cats love them and how they allow them to sleep for the first time in years.



Watch this video for more information about the Dragon Skin Quartz
and hear some owners’ stories!

In addition, we have an intuitive artist, Kristin Wieland, who can see the dragons inside the stones and draw them for their humans.


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