Past Life Regression: Gina Crosheck

When Gina told me that it was time for a past life regression I was hesitant.  I had several regressions before and although they were interesting, they weren’t informative enough to justify the expense.  Most of them were just ho hum and boring with nothing happening or little snippets of information coming through.  However, all that changed and it’s been several months since the regression and I still think about the experience.  Gina, took me through a guided meditation and “Bam” I was in my first of 3 life times.  The sights, sounds, smells, what I was wearing, where I lived, the neighborhood and people I was with were all there playing out like a movie.  Crystal clear.  I almost took myself out of the experience because I was so shocked that anything happened.  Each lifetime was like that.  During the 2 hour session I was able to see connections to people in my present life and able to understand the relationships better.  Armed with that information, I was able to release some traumas in this lifetime and free myself from some mental and emotional baggage that I had carried with my my entire life.  It was very liberating.  – J.K.F.


Thetahealing®:  Jennifer Farrar

I visited Jennifer a week ago for my first Thetahealing. The previous day I had just been fired from my job hand was feeling terrible. My appointment with Jennifer went wonderfully, and I am very glad I went! Jennifer is amazingly gifted with the ability to work with the Creator’s energy to bring about change in your life.  – RW


Jennifer is truly a gifted healer. Her intuition is spot on. I had a session with her and she was able to locate and clear limiting beliefs I had no idea were there. That session was life changing! I highly recommend her!  – AH


In just one session Jennifer was able to heal my soul of heavy burdens I wasn’t even aware I was carrying around. She has such a kind, loving, and understanding spirit that makes you feel at ease. I will definitely be back and can’t wait to tell all my friends and family about her! – SC


Jennifer is a miracle worker. I had a buzzing pain in the bottom of my foot that wouldn’t go away. I tried everything to heal it and no matter what I did I couldn’t. It was affecting my sleep and everything I did. From one session with Jennifer, everything was cleared up. My body was telling me and giving me messages to clear issues and when I listened and asked for help, I found peace again. I’m so grateful!-CM


Jan Hein:

“Something you said in the session is resonating more and more with me all the time. You said at the end of the session something like, “It’s time to own and take responsibility for the very special person that you are.” When you said this, I could feel my face light up with a smile and I heard this with new ears–to not just believe in myself, but also to rise to meet life and fully engage. And in reading your book, I’m getting the same message from the story of your own experience, where you said “yes” to yourself, trusted your heart of heart’s that you would know which information to hold on to, and which information could be discarded, and to trust your inner guide.” ~LB

Qigong®:  Dr. Nisha Mittal

Nisha, thank you for the session yesterday. I saw a bright light around my head, shoulders, and above my head. I felt a little light headed, also a feeling of relief as though something was lifted from my body. All anxiety was lifted.  There is such a difference in my mind and body. Thank you again from deep within my heart. – LJ


Thank you so much for sharing your healing gifts with my daughter and me. I cannot express adequately how you have helped as there has been a profound change in our lives.  We are blessed to have you in our lives. – BS


I am amazed at how fast the swelling is going down after I sprained it really bad in two places, per radiologist! I haven’t even iced it like I was told to.  So., I am thinking that the Qigong, all the healing that Divine sent through you, is what is making it better.  Thanks for praying and being a conduit for Divine healing. – PD


Nisha is truly a gifted healer who has helped me through some of my most challenging times.  Her natural intuitive and healing abilities are an authentic gift from god.  Not only is Nisha a gifted healer, but she has the kindest heart, purest spirit and is most compassionate person I have ever met. – KB

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