Your Dragon awaits you!

On a hot August day in Grassy Creek, NC in 2014, I first met Dragon Sensei. His name came later but his energy grabbed me completely.  I told our longtime dealer that we wanted everything he had of this new stone, Dragon Skin Quartz. In retrospect, I feel so blessed to have been chosen by Dragon Sensei to have him come home with George and me.  In awe of his size and beauty, he broke all records for price we paid. And, yes, he has repaid us time after time. His energy, his good sense, his wisdom, his continuous Blessing, his humor, and his efforts to bring young Dragons to the point of bonding with humans keep our love and gratitude for him ever flowing.


Upon his arrival in Iowa, Jennifer Farrar, our retail expert, now our Manager, and I had a discussion about whether he should go into inventory.  From my perspective, he needed to be in the healing room doing his healing work without ever needing to be on the sales floor. From her perspective, she was new to the energy of the crystals and viewed Dragon Sensei as something to be sold because having that much money tied up in inventory without the possibility of recouping it could have been disastrous for a fledgling business.  As a novice in retail, I agreed to have him receive an inventory number since he was our most expensive purchase to date.  I, however, insisted that he be in the healing room out of sight. He did an excellent job of being invisible to those who might consider purchasing him.   When a customer came in and asked to buy the entire contents of the shop, he spoke up and said, “In no circumstances am I to be sold and keep him out of the healing room.  I do not what him to see me.” After that, Dragon Sensei gently nudged me into closing the door to remain hidden from view.

Initially, he was on the floor due to his size.  Yet, it was becoming clear he wanted to be on a table.  We were a bit slow clearing off a space for him, when he called out to Jo Shaffer, a client and now an employee, telling her of his wishes.  Clearly tuned into him, Jo carefully lifted him from the floor to his new home on a table in the treatment room. However, Jennifer says he bites her if she picks him up because she put him into inventory initially.  She has since learned her lesson.

As we began unpacking the small stones, our employee, Tammy Howard began laughing.  We said, “What’s going on?” She said, “He told me his name’s Joe and my kids will love him.”  He then began cracking jokes and getting her to laugh. In between the laughter, I heard Dragon Sensei from the other room speak. His story unfolded to help us understand that the Dragons had determined it was time for them to return to earth to help humans heal and evolve spiritually. According to his telling, the Dragons entrusted the Chinese with the process of infusing Chromium into Clear Quartz. As the process continues, a sleeping dragon is placed into the stone to be awakened by Dragon Sensei when its human has found them. The Chinese had been chosen because they had honored and respected them through the eons unlike the Westerners who hunted Dragons so they could kill them or enslave them.  Somewhere along the way, many westerners lost their ability to communicate with the Dragons. They saw them only as dangerous monsters rather than as beautiful beings of great wisdom and healing.


Initially, Jennifer called Sensei Big Daddy due to his size.  He allowed this for a while. Once we fully understood his incredible mastery, we realized how tolerant he’d been in being called this.  This came out when our other large ticket item, a clear quartz crystal skull sold. When the skull found its human, Dragon Sensei yelled loud enough for Jennifer to hear him.  “Get me out of inventory now! Who do you think awakens and trains your Dragons for working with humans. I do. If I sell, you have only Green Quartz with sleeping Dragons.” We realized then how incredibly Blessed we were to have Dragon Sensei in our midst.


Jennifer removed him from inventory immediately.  We have learned so much from him over the years. He told George the smaller Dragons needed to touch him for a minimum of a week to be awakened and trained to be receptive to their humans.  We also learned that the Dragons truly choose their human. And, that just because we had a new shipment in, did not mean a customer would find their Dragon in that shipment. It took Jennifer and me two shipments to find our Dragons. George’s Dragon did not appear until the fifth shipment.  By now, we have lost track of what shipment number is on the shelves.


We have many people returning with their dragons to have them sit with Sensei for additional teaching. Sensei does call his children home from time to time. As the humans visit, they bring new stories of their Dragon’s activities. One human takes her Dragon on vacations and shares her joint adventures on her Facebook page.  One human bought a Dragon for his dog who was having seizures and the seizures immediately stopped. Yet another takes their Dragon shopping. While another protects them while at work in a difficult environment.  Mostly though, the Dragons provide much love and comfort.

You can find Dragon Skin Quartz anywhere, however, ours are extraordinarily special because Dragon Sensei chose and honored us with his presence, knowledge and skill to awaken and activate the new energetic Dragons.


We welcome the opportunity to hear about your Dragon story.