Gina and George

PrismsScape Gems and Healing Center Genesis

How does anyone know the moment when desire/dream meets with Creation/Realization of a Dream come true? Attempting to narrate this story challenges me in ways that surprised me. In reflecting on the fourteen years since first dreaming of a Healing Center, I have recalled so many steps along the way.

So many times, George and I tried on different possibilities of how to realize our dream, from grand visions of a multipurpose facility serving the community to just a simple sharing of resources and space. Then in 2010, Labradorite, a beautiful iridescent stone, spoke to me while sitting at my desk at the University of Iowa so it could give me a message. Shortly afterwards in a guided meditation, I went to a Crystal Cave filled with Crystal Beings telling me how long they had waited for me to Remember them. Thus, the combining of two loves, Healing and Crystals came together naturally.

Over the next few years, we discovered that others really wanted to join in our Dream. Once described fully in 2014, the reality of PrismsScape Gems and Healing Center emerged. In March of 2015, we signed a lease for a space of 2250 square feet without having any idea how we would support it. Once signed, others came! Much like the Field of Dreams book and movie which brought fame to a small town in Iowa, PrismsScape Gems and Healing Center emerged as a unique place for bringing Holistic Healers and incredibly beautiful crystals together to create a place of Love, Energy, Healing and Joy.

Today, almost four years later we understand the importance of cherishing every person who walks across our threshold with an understanding of how significant it is to provide a safe place for individuals to come and receive unconditional Love. The Crystals bridge the divide between Beauty and Grace as they open their Consciousness to humans who pick them up, admire them and recognize at some level their importance.

Out of a simple private healing practice of Reiki and Past Life Regression, an incredibly beautiful Center for Healing has manifested. With continuous ebbs and flows of Healers and Crystals, PrismsScape Gems & Healing Center serves as a gathering place/site for those searching for wholeness.