PrismsScape Gems & Healing Center – Where Beauty and Love join with Energy and Spirit!

Small but mighty describes PrismsScape Gems & Healing Center. Located on the east side of Iowa City in Eastdale Plaza about 60 miles west of the Mississippi River, we have gathered a diverse group of Holistic Practitioners and an extraordinary selection of crystals in all forms – specimens, tumbled, shaped, and beautiful jewelry.

Coming from a Spiritual/Metaphysical perspective, we focus on the energetic properties of the stones for helping individuals with different physical, emotional and personal issues while always honoring the stone’s Consciousness in helping others. The beauty of the stones stands on its own; thus, individuals who have little interest in the energetic properties will be drawn for example to a striking Blue Calcite sphere known for its calming qualities to place on their desk in a high stress job.

As our stones change over time, so to do the individuals working in the Healing Center. At times, it feels like PrismsScape’s become an incubator for Holistic Practitioners. Several who began at PrismsScape Gems & Healing Center now have their own healing center or stand alone practice. Nurturing and supporting Holistic businesses fulfills one of the facets of our dream.

Having chosen the Prism with its multifaceted character for the symbol of the business, our vision and goal remains to provide new perspectives, new ideas, new teachings, new crystals, and new offerings to those of you who find your way to our shop – virtual or physical and to provide ways of helping one and all to find your own truth and to discover ways of expanding and healing yourself from within if appropriate.