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Spiritwolf Visions

A Journey

Simple Beginnings:

As a child, I always felt different, seemingly knowing when someone needed to talk when they were experiencing emotional crisis. I also used to see spirits in my day to day life, which would scare me. I went through a period of time when I tried to be normal, because I didn’t know there were others like me. When I got older, I discovered that what I had was a gift. While I am making the journey to use my gift, I have learned that some of the things I could do as a child, like see spirits, has changed and I cannot do them now. My ability seems to have changed in the direction of knowing. I am clairsentient means that I tend to know things that I shouldn’t, however, I usually know things that the person already knows. I picked up a set of tarot cards back in 1998. I didn’t have a formal teacher, I learned how to do readings on my own with only a book and some guidance along the way from various people I encountered. I didn’t start reading for the public in a significant way until 2014, when Spiritwolf Visions was born!

The Dream:

Up until perhaps June of 2015, Spiritwolf Visions was always intuitive tarot readings.

That was until I had a dream that showed me tarot cards flying in a circle. On each card facing front was runes scribed around the sides. In the center of each card I saw wolves or werewolves on the images. When I woke up I looked for this deck. To my surprise, no such deck was in existence that I could find. That is when I realized perhaps, that the dream was not so literal. That I should try to look at it from another perspective, it’s when I realized that I should read runes with my tarot readings as a melded system.

During this journey, I had envisioned five runes for the reading I was planning to do. From my experience, rune readings were three stone readings, so I thought this was something new. That was until I looked into a rune book and discovered that such a reading already was in place.

The Dream Manifested:

That is how Spiritwolf Visions became what it is today. Following a dream that then lead to a journey, one where I realized I should read both tarot and runes in a melded reading system.

Spiritwolf Visions offers readings which will be a melding of tarot and runes to provide guidance. This is what I mean when I call it a melded reading. I use my intuitive ability to look at what the cards and runes say, in order to provide guidance. For all readings, I connect with your energy and channel from the higher power to deliver the correct message needed in the best way for someone to receive it.

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