Our History

Each of us has life-changing events which transform who we have known ourselves to be. Mine came in October 2002 when I lost my husband of almost 30 years and my oldest sister in less than a week's time. My world went numb and my heart gasped for life for my husband had become my life over our years together.

In November 2002, I sought out my friend, Karen Fox, who had become a Reiki Master and practitioner to get a Reiki session. When asked to state an intention for the session, I simply asked for Understanding of what had occurred in my life. In response, a being of golden light stood beside me and then opened the veil to reveal an incredibly beautiful flowing of life from one form to another in which I came to know in my heart-life continues well beyond our physical presence on the earth. Upon getting up from the table, I informed my friend of my intention to walk the path of Spirit. And, I began my spiritual journey which brings me joy and great happiness with each step I take.

— Gina